E-Books App  CHANGE 

To all our Ebook users, there has been a change from Overdrive to the new App Libby. Please contact the Reston District Library at 204-877-3673 and we can explain how to get your device set up with the new app. We look forward to helping you and thanks for your patience.

National Network for Equitable Library Service

This NNELS site is a repository of content owned and sustained by Canadian Public Libraries. They work with international partners, libraries, readers and publishers (especially Canadian ones) to make copies of books in accessible formats available to readers who have print disabilities. Click the Orange NNELS box above to the right of What's Happening to access their site.

Perceptual disabilities include three broad categories of people who require accessible formats.

  • Severe or total impairment of sight, hearing or the inability to focus or move one's eyes.
  • The inability to hold or manipulate a book.
  • An impairment relating to comprehension

NNELS is a fully funded by provincial governments program which is a non-profit Community Services Cooperative which is a shared service provider to libraries and library-related organizations in Canada.

Click the Red NNELS box in the top right corner to go to the NNELS site.

Moms and Tots at the

Reston District Library every Wednesday from 10 - 11 am.

Wednesday, February 14th we will host a small Valentine's party for the Moms and Tots. Come for crafts, treats and refreshments. 

Moms, come in and have coffee while kids enjoy stories and playtime. Everyone Welcome.

The Reston & District Library                 Book Club

Oooops I forgot to put March's Book Club book on the website, sorry.

April's Book Club book is

The Widow by Fiona Barton

Book Club Members can pick up their copy at the front desk. The Book Club will meet Wednesday, April 25th, 2018 at 5:30 pm for supper and discussion at the Dennis County.

If anyone is interested in joining, please stop by the library to inquire. Or call us at

204-877-3673. The Book Club meets September - June the last Wednesday of those months.  

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Reston & District Library's website has a search app. It allows you to browse, search and access your library resources with ease. 

Call the Reston District Library to get your library number and pin number. This will allow you to log in and search our catalog in Quest for the book you are looking for.

Reston & District Library will be closed while we have the walls painted and new carpet tile installed. We will be closed from Tuesday, April 17th  and hope to be open on May 15th or a little sooner if the reno runs on time. 

Our last day to be open is Saturday, April 14th. We encourage people to return their books by that date. You can also take out enough books to last you the month. If you are not done reading your books by April 14th, call the library and I can renew your books until May 15th.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your patience.